Presented by endemicworld, WILD was the result of fifteen years of process and dedication, culminating in eight large-scale animal carvings that adorned Allpress Studio’s walls in Auckland, April 2018. These works celebrated the exceptional beauty of wild animals, emphasising their magnificent textures, from fur to feathers, tusks to antlers; all were intricately hand-carved into 140 litres of acrylic paint. From African Game to French Wild Horses, Arctic Mammals and Japanese Cranes, these striking animal portraits are a harrowing reality check of what will be left behind if we continue to destroy their natural habitats. WILD looked to encourage the viewer to connect with the broader ideas of sustainable living and our environmental footprint. I adored creating and exhibiting this show, a labour or love, taking 5 years from concept to fruition. 

SAGE – African Elephant 2017
57 layers (20 litres) of carved acrylic on board
1500 x 2000mm SOLD

Elephants share the same emotional and cognitive behaviour as humans. They grieve their lost loved ones, they feel fear, joy and empathy, and are highly praised for their intelligence. This divine soul was killed by poachers in 2009 for the illegal ivory trade. In the early 1970s demand for ivory rocketed, with 80% of traded raw ivory coming from poached elephants. In 1989 all international trade was prohibited in an attempt to combat this massive illegal trafficking. There was a slight reprieve, but unfortunately the demand for ivory continues with wild elephants being slaughtered daily for their tusks which are sold on the black market. 

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A2 limited edition of 30 // $295 unframed

A1 limited edition of 10 // $595 unframed

Archival pigment prints on 310gsm Hahnemuhle German etching cotton rag, signed and numbered.


UNBROKEN – Camargue Horses 2018
51 layers (34 litres) of carved acrylic on board
2600 x 1800mm

‘Horses of the Sea’, these wild creatures are born with black and dark brown coats, but as they grow to adulthood (4years old) their hair becomes intermingled with white hairs until they become completely white. They are considered one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world and have lived wild in the harsh environment of the Camargue (south of France) marshes and wetlands, developing stamina, hardiness and agility which they are known for today. 

DISPLACED – Leopard 2018
59 layers (13 litres) of carved acrylic on board
1650 x 1000mm SOLD

Shazeem is a beautiful and powerful leopard; he was rescued at 6 months old from an inhumane European Zoo and flown to South Africa where he now lives in a sanctuary. Leopard populations are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation of remaining habitat regions. They are hunted illegally for their body parts and smuggled in the wildlife trade for medicinal practices and decoration. There has been a huge decline in leopard numbers over the past decade and the regions these big cats roam have been shrinking drastically over the last two centuries.

TENACIOUS – Silver Back Gorilla 2018
57 layers (19 litres) of carved acrylic on board
1400 x 1900mm SOLD

This gentle giant, weighing 205kgs, spent his lifetime in captivity. Jimmy Junior, aka JJ was born in New Orleans on the 8th July 1979. He lived his adult life in the Miami Metro Zoo, where he was a caring leader to his troop, and loving Dad to two daughters, Moka and Alice. JJ passed away 4th October 2014 at the age of 35years. He never set foot in the wild. The mountain gorilla lives in the tropical rainforests of Central Africa with roughly 700 remaining. They share 98% of our DNA. 

ADAPTATION – Polar Bear 2018
43 layers (12 litres) of carved acrylic on board
1900 x 1400mm 
NZ$28,000 please email with interest

The marvellous maritime bears of the North, polar bear’s native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle. For thousands of years they have had a great significance in the material, spiritual and cultural life of circumpolar peoples. Their survival is linked to the Arctic sea ice, a habitat greatly affected by climate change. Research shows that it’s not too late to take action to save the sea ice and polar bears, by greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions if we adopt sustainable lifestyles. 

COMPOSED – Greater Kudu 2018
65 layers (17 litres) of carved acrylic on board
1400 x 1800mm SOLD

This Greater Kudu bull was carved from a photograph taken in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Despite occupying widespread territory in eastern and southern Africa, these majestic woodland antelopes have sparse populations in most areas, due to a declining habitat, deforestation and poaching. The bulls horns twist round 2 and a half times, and their torso possess between 4 and 12 vertical white stripes which are contrasted against their brown, grey coats.

W I L D exhibition at Allpress Studio 2018
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SURRENDER – Japanese Cranes 2018
63 layers (13 litres) of carved acrylic on board
2000 x 1000mm
NZ$25,000 please email with interest

Japanese cranes pair for life, performing an elaborate, synchronised courtship dance to reinforce their bond, thus acquiring their symbolism of fidelity, love and longevity. Known as the snow ballerinas of Japan, these elegant red-crowned cranes are the second rarest crane in the world. They are the largest birds in Japan and also inhabit parts of China, Siberia and Korea. With only 2,750 left in the wild, the most pressing threat is habitat destruction, with a general lack of remaining pristine wetland habitats for the species to nest. 

W I L D exhibtion at Allpress Studio 2018 
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HOME COMING  – Zebras 2005
40 layers (15 litres) of carved acrylic on board
2600 x 1100mm SOLD

This piece was created on my fathers Game Reserve in South Africa 2005; I was 21 years old. I spent 2 months working on 17 artworks for the lodge. With his passing in 2016, Boondocks Nature Reserve has since been sold and the Zebras along with 8 other large carvings have returned to New Zealand. It is shown as part of WILD exhibition as a dedication to my father and the time we spent together on the farm; it surely had a huge impact on my life and art.